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“Ah? Say something?” Hong Weiguo clearly felt uneasy. He was a man, after all. He did not express his feelings freely like his wife. But his pride, Hong Dali, had returned. It was certainly worth saying something. He stood up and sat beside Hong Dali. After a long time, he finally said, “Come home often.”


This is really squandering Jiang Qianxue covered her face with her palm. Mentally, she started comparing him with the super genius again. If it were him, he would definitely not be such a prodigal


Hong Dali had made a very fruitful trip. He opened all the shops and acknowledged a great father. What came next was easy—find out the coordinates of Earth, enter the virtual world to teleport there, and report his well-being to his parents!


Ah, you want to give me something? Hong Dali was stunned for a while, then stroked his chin and said, Aiya, dont stand on ceremony with me. I just helped in passing. HeheEven if you kill me, I will never tell you I am the super genius!


A third person said, Thats right. The gems on the armor, even if they are the lowest +1 attribute, three of those together with the armor, one thousand Galaxy Dollars is definitely worth it.


What ideas can he have? Yin Lieyang said, perplexed. I admit that I have quite a lot of experience when it comes to business, but no matter how hard I think, I cant figure out what he is doing.

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“Easy.” Hong Dali rubbed his nose. “Until she finds her dream lover, the super genius who passed thirty levels of the Tower of Trials.”


The clerk pointed to a stone tablet next to him. Just put your hand on it.


Where he had passed by, people secretly peered up at his cloakAristocrat.Tianyi!


Summoned by an Honorary Aristocrat was like gold falling from the skies. The two beautiful ladies approached him and into Tianyis arms. They were so excited their cheeks were red.


Do I look pretty like this? Jiang Qianxue made a turn in front of Hong Dali and asked. Do I look okay?


As both were impressed by the new godsons ideas, Mister Gate suddenly said, Next, I want to see what my new son intends to do. He chuckled. I shall follow the instructions. I will sell all the pieces of equipment for one thousand apiece. I will not increase the price nor put them up for auction. I wont put the other pieces of equipment up for sale as well. I want to see what other money-making ideas this son will have. Wahahahahaha!


There was already a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. The atmosphere was already tense. But when this young man came over, there was no tension. He looked like he was just approaching some friends to say hithe key was that no one knew who he was



But after this situation continued for about 300 years, everything changed completely. Because the genes of female Galaxy Aristocrats weren’t able to become impregnated when fused with the genes of people from other races.



“Honestly speaking, you really went in?” Tang Long might be just an AI butler, but like a real person, he had his idiosyncrasies. He conjured up a cigar, put it between his lips and took a puff. Then, he arrogantly asked, “What level did you get to? Let me guess, you should have at least managed level sixteen or seventeen?”


“I already completed it. It’s not very interesting. And it doesn’t require any money.” Hong Dali sniffled and picked up an attribute gem. It was gem processing time!


Hahaha, this is a good name! Scott was very satisfied with this name. It should be heavenswill1that I became an Honorary Aristocrat. Hahahaha!

  • “Damn it.” One of the captains was looking at the holographic projection of the scene outside. On the projection, a Zerg army that flooded their sight. He cursed and scolded. “These damned bugs, why did they appear here? And there’s so many of them! This is close to the scale of a Zerg tide!”
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