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A four-meter-tall giant was in a confrontation with a two-meter-tall man, then a 1.75 meters man with a brick in his hand appeared. Although short, his presence was in no way inferior. He even had a Galaxy Aristocrat hanging on his arm… At the sight of this scene, Comrade Luo Qiang, who was ready to resign, could not resist it…


Haha, its good that you understand, its good that you understand! Jiang Dongliu laughed heartily. Our Qianxue is the cleverest! Go, face your true self, do not let other feelings blind you. That is the only way you can move faster and go further!


Perhaps. The great Mister Gate threw Tianyi out of the main door like rubbish and said, This shop is under my protection. If you are trying to create trouble, go elsewhere! Scram!


Seriously?! The other two men were so shocked their mouths gaped open. Is he stupid or what? He did something like that? The Honorary Aristocrats have to depend on their net profit to advance and he increased his capital by so much so casually! How can there be someone so silly?


Of course, based on the current situation, it did not seem so extreme. But it was better to be safe than sorry. At least until he had a further understanding of the System


This area was hundreds of thousands of square meters big and surrounded by a circle of viewing galleries. At this time, the galleries were filled with spectators as well as relatives and friends of the fighters who had come to compete for a place among the Honorary Aristocrats.

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This Hong Dali, Mu Huaqing thought in his heart. his relationship with Miss Qianxue is not simple! I have to take note of this!


Our shop sells only one piece of armor a day. First come, first serve. Mister Gate chuckled like a sly old fox. However, as to what time the shop will open, how much it will be sold for, that will depend on my mood for that day.


Jiang Qianxue stared dumbly at the big screen, so agitated that she couldn’t even speak.


With the Running Dogs helping and with sufficient materials provided by Heavenly State, the progress here was in leaps and bounds too. Now, the scale here was already quite big.


In the past, Jiang Qianxue was not really proud of her identity as a Galaxy Aristocrat, but at least she felt it was not too bad.


Haha, I was bored, so I just joined for fun. As he put the certificate the clerk had issued him into his pocket, Ace smiled and said, They are giving money away for free. If I dont take it, wouldnt that be a loss for me?


“Teacher Wang might be able to fight them too, but his mecha belongs to the close combat type. Against the Zergs, I reckon its effect is only average.” The Bureau Chief thought for a while and suddenly said, “Instead, if we can repair the energy core for the Thunder Angel, it might be useful against the Zergs.”



“Zhang Yi, how’s your research?” The Bureau Chief stood beside Zhang Yi and looked as she continuously did her experiment. The Bureau Chief smiled and asked, “Is there any new progress?”



“Hm, that’s not possible yet.” The mysterious man nodded and said, “Let’s try our best. Oh right, have we gained contact with Dali?”


Fei Hong looked at the big screen and said in admiration, “He really completed level 30 too. This super-genius is really too strong.”


It was a big matter. This name would follow him for life. He thought for a while, and decided on the name solemnly

  • Everyone turned their heads to look and saw an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat laughing and walking toward them.
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