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Its like this. The abject looking middle-aged man led Hong Dali to a corner and whispered, I saw Young Master buy those few shops. I wanted to ask the Young master if you may be interested in shops selling other things


Transportation was convenient in the virtual world. The key was that the Bureau Chief had given Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi, and everyone else, a designated place of residence in the city. Once they came online, they would be in the city. In just about five to six minutes, Hong Weiguo, Lan Ruoxi, Tang Muxin’s parents Tang Ruisi and his wife, Geezer Wang, Ling Mufeng, and everyone else arrived.


This was prodigal speech. Everyone who came here with Hong Dali from Earth knew what was coming next and started moving away. Tang Muxin brought Li Nianwei and Jiang Qianxue aside. Jiang Qianxue was a little hesitant and reminded her. Xinxin, Dali is going to squander again. The previous shops were still acceptable, but this one


Yes. Scott took a big step forward. It was a twenty-three- or twenty-four-year-old young man with red hair. He looked confident and wore an extremely proud smile on his face. Do I put my hand here?


“Hahaha, Old Jiang, congratulations, congratulations!” That was the first thing people said when they came through the door. “Such a super-genius appeared in Shenluo City, this is big news. How is it? How do you feel now? You must be excited? Aiya, with such a talent, you will be proud at the upcoming Galaxy Aristocrat summit meeting. Please be merciful to us then!”


Hong Dali said, “You should drink grape wine with a luminous cup! Mister prodigal, think about it. There is a saying in my hometown that goes ‘Fine wine in a luminous cup, the sounds of the lute urge us to war as we get ready to drink’. The wine is bright red in color. If a hero like you drinks it, it makes you seem womanly and less impressive, right?”

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You want to take over a shop that loses money on a daily basis? Ace finally understood what Hong Dali meant by squandering. What do you intend to do with it?


He acknowledged you as his son as well?! Ace stared hard at Hong Dali. Does that mean were brothers now?!


Five seconds later, Quentin had Tianyi firmly under its paws. It yawned lazilyit did not try to bite him, but this was not its fault. It had gotten used to eating Dali beans and had become fussy. Human flesh which was sourish no longer appealed to it


“Hehe, so-so, not bad.” Hong Dali rubbed his nose. “Where are my parents?”


Great! The clerk quickly announced loudly. Na Tairan from the Planet Heavens Vault, twenty-six years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared it on the sixty-second attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, intermediate level.


It was a main city under construction. The roads and streets were more than 50 meters wide. The buildings looked similar to those in ancient Heavenly State and were beautifully carved. At that moment, there were many pedestrians on the road and it was very lively. Especially on the side of the road, several shops had opened. Weapons stores, armor points, jewelry stores, etc. It was small but complete. Everything that a virtual world should have…


Such strong power! He was indeed the number one genius among the Galaxy Aristocrats. Just his entrance was sufficient for everyone to understand he was not easily trifled with.



Everyone soon gathered. There were not as many people setting off together. They were not on Earth, after all. Some had to improve their combat ability at the Tower of Trials. Only about ten people tagged alongHong Dali, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Jiang Qianxue, Ling Xiaoyi, three female lackeys, as well as four of Jiang Qianxues eight guards.



Mu Huaqing schemed quietly. A shop that loses money every day, it wont be easy to turn losses into profit. Does this Hong Dali think hes so good at making money? Does he really have something up his sleeves? But he looks at most eighteen or nineteen-years-old. He doesnt look like such a capable person. This shop would need at least two hundred thousand to one million to take over. How much can one piece of gem-embedded equipment earn? The net profit is too low. Thats why not many Honorary Aristocrats are in this business. But this Hong Dali, why does he insist on doing this?


And if the person himself went to the city owner’s place, he would be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat! Purple-level! What kind of power would he obtain!? What’s more, the Galaxy Aristocrats even announced that they would especially groom him and give him all kinds of high-level resources…


Your fist dont have eyes? Mister Gate sneered. He was big and tall. Standing beside the rest, he was like a huge water bucket, extremely scary. The man who threatened everyone was so scared and moved back three steps!

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